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How it Works

     Union National Services deals directly with insurance adjusters in taking all necessary steps to dry your home or business back to its original condition. When you contact us we will ask several questions regarding your water damage emergency. These questions will help us determine what equipment and resources to bring, as well as identifying the scope of the damage. We understand this may be a stressful time, but we assure our trained professionals are en route and ready to guide you through the restoration process.


     Once we arrive we will work with you to identify and stop the source of water as well as conduct a thorough safety inspection. At that point we will begin extracting the excess water with either subversive pumps or our truck-mounted system depending on the amount of water. We then use infrared cameras, thermal hygrometers and moisture detectors to find all the water that may be hidden in between walls, or perhaps under cabinets. Using industrial grade dehumidifiers, air movers and heating equipment to dry out all that sneaky moisture. Once everything is dry we then clean and disinfect as well as deodorize the structure.


     Union National Services also offers restoration services!


Dry-wall repair and installation

hardwood floor repair


carpet repair and installation.

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