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Carpet Cleaning

     Carpet cleaning is important, because in addition to making your carpet look like new again, carpets tend to collect a lot of contaminants like dirt, dust, and pet hair. Union National Services uses truck-mounted hot water extraction system to lift dirt that accumulates deep in your carpet and clean all fibers thoroughly.  Cleaning these out will vastly improve the air quality in your home, and a thorough professional carpet cleaning can improve the health and allergies of your family members. Don’t take risks with your family’s well-being! Most experts recommend that residential carpets should be cleaned thoroughly at least twice a year. Chairs, couches and other upholstery may also be brought back to life. Our steam cleaning professionals are IICRC certified and fully insured. We carry an array of different products for every type of stain your carpet may have, from coffee to wine and even rust, we've got you covered.  

     That new apartment you just moved into may have been cleaned by us! Our carpet cleaners do a ton of turnover work for local property managers. Give us a call and let us work our magic.

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